Welcome! This blog is for people living with chronic illness, who might be up in the middle of the night, or down in the middle of the day. I hope this blog will give you hope, ideas and confidence so you can start to feel better soon!

I’m Abby Caplin, a doctor, medical therapist, and a patient.  I’ve lived with Crohn’s disease, an autoimmune illness, for over 25 years.

My passion is helping other people with chronic illness lead vibrant and empowered lives, to live fully, despite the challenges.  I know the journey through chronic illness well, having developed Crohn’s disease following my medical fellowship. Suddenly my energy and stamina were compromised. I was in pain, and I suffered from the uncertainty of meeting professional and personal expectations.

In my mind-body medicine and counseling practice, I combine my knowledge and experience as an MD (pediatrics, allergy-immunology) with my training as a medical therapist (California Institute of Integral Studies). I want to help people move beyond merely coping with illness, to thriving and enjoying life as much as possible.

Mind-body medicine is about using the mind-body connection through various methods to help create internal conditions for healing, complementing the work of traditional doctors and other health practitioners. Mind-Body Medicine begins with giving yourself permission to heal.

To learn more about mind-body medicine, you can check out my website.



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