About three times a year, I conduct a “Mind-Body Health Writing” workshop series. We meet in a bookstore in San Francisco, California. I find it interesting that, with one exception, only women have chosen to attend. I’m not sure why. But I always believe that the people who show up are exactly the right ones.

The purpose of the workshop series is to create a confidential space for people to write about their experiences of living with illness, process healthcare interactions and learn writing methods that empower personal healing. You can read the reviews at https://abbycaplinmd.com/testimonials.html, scrolling down to “Workshops.”

The next series begins on Sunday, February 7, 2010. If you live in San Francisco and might like to attend, you can call me at 415-255-9981 to ask about signing up.

Workshop link:


Upcoming dates:
Feb. 7th, Feb. 21st, Feb. 28th, Mar. 7th and Mar. 14th 2010

On the other hand, I realize that you might be living very far from San Francisco, California. I haven’t yet jumped into the “virtual classroom” experience on the Internet, but if enough people who are reading this blog might seriously like to join a similar group, using conference calls with writing exercises via email, I promise to look into the process. You can contact me privately at abby@abbycaplinmd.com and write in your subject line: Abby’s Workshop.

I look forward to hearing from you.

As you prepare for a new year, may you be filled with healing, hope, blessings and loving support!

In peace,