I have a secret.

Every Monday for the past several months I’ve been getting a gift from a woman I have never met. Her name is Page Hodel. She creates beautiful hearts out of unbelievably beautiful materials, sending them out via email.

She has been sending them to her friends, to friends of friends, and to as yet unmet friends, like me. She calls them “Monday Hearts for Madalene,” a tribute and a gift to her partner Madalene, whom she lost to cancer a few years ago.

Last night she sent an announcement that she has finally published a book filled with years of her images! And she has created a box of notecards that are also outstanding.

You can see them here:


We can order Monday Hearts for Madalene through her website, our local independent bookstores or online. I’ve got my box of notecards, and I’ll be ordering a few copies of the book tomorrow. Of course, I’ll keep one copy for myself!

If you would like to get your own hearts every Monday, you can send her an email at page.hodel@gmail.com, and she’ll send them to you!

Naturally, such a woman would make sure that a percentage of her sales proceeds would benefit a worthy organization—the Women’s Cancer Resource Center in Oakland, California.

I hope these creations inspire you and help you heal.

Congratulations, Page! Thank you so much.