As I was redesigning my medical practice, a teacher advised, “Abby, beware of the brain drain.”

What is brain drain?

As I journal, I become more aware of it.

Is it that form I haven’t filled out yet? The aunt I need to call?  The last time I thought I put my foot in my mouth?

Journaling for 10 minutes a day can help you identify what has been in, and on, your mind. I’ve learned that it can take only one annoying matter to create a brain drain that becomes an energy sinkhole.

Once the brain drain is identified, try to figure out the best way to stop it as easily as possible. Filling out even a single line a day eventually gets the form completed. The presence of a friend to help you can also make a difference. Where a lengthy phone call is anticipated, perhaps a card would suffice. If you need to call someone to clarify if, in fact, you did put your foot in your mouth, then pick up the phone and ask.

Think of it as taking a mental shower. Cleansed, you can move on and enjoy the fact that you have accomplished what most needed your attention. Your whole body enjoys the benefit of stopping the brain drain, with its unrelenting (and often subconscious) drain of energy on your body.

And you need that energy, because it takes a lot of energy to heal.

The other things can wait!