How to approach this delicate topic?

I’ve met lots of people who have trouble with the idea of going to see a movie alone. If you fall into this category, believing you should only see a movie with someone else, then you are really denying yourself an important healing tool.

I love going to the movies by myself. I love going with others of course, but it’s similar to the difference between watching the beautiful scenery go by while driving alone or with a friend.

Here’s how to do it:

Check for the closest theater and decide what upbeat, heartwarming and/or well-acted movie you will see. Write the name of the film and start time in ink in your calendar.

Plan for the earliest show in the day.

If you have minimal energy, just put on a hat (assuming you are rolling out of bed), basic clothes and shoes. You won’t have to worry about meeting anyone you know because, of course, none of your friends would be caught dead in a movie theater alone in the middle of the afternoon!


You are generously supporting your local movie theater.

You are out of your home and around others.

You are doing something fun for yourself!

You practically own the entire theater and can sit anywhere.

You don’t need to worry about anyone else’s expectations.

Make sure to bring nice comfy warm socks so you can put your feet up!

It’s completely OK to do this.  I give you permission!