Yes! It can really help.  If you just write, “move the tools” (pen to paper) as SARK would say, you give yourself the gift of  describing your authentic experience. If you can say or write the truth of your life, you help influence and improve your immune system. (If you need to know the scientific studies before you do this, send me an email and I’ll send you the links.)

So, take out a pen and a notebook, kiss your “inner critic” goodnight, and just write for at least three minutes, nonstop. It really doesn’t matter what you write, as long as it is true for you. You can also write about a specific encounter (good or bad) that had to do with your health, healthcare, a doctor or nurse, a friend or someone in your family. You can write a poem about it. You can even write it as a run-on sentence, filling gaps with “but” and “and so” when you get stuck.

When you get it out on paper, that’s one story you don’t have to necessarily carry in your mind. And perhaps you can think more about the story and understand your experience better. Writing about things validates your experience. You might even share it with a friend.

[waiting 3 minutes]

Did you do it? Good! Now give yourself a hug, write to me, and tell me how it went!